Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guest Post on VampChix

Hey everyone, the wonderful folks at the VampChix site who gave me such a neat review of Vampires' Most Wanted allowed me to submit a guest post for their blog.  I'll be on Monday, Nov. 7 so I hope everyone takes a look at it.  It was fun to write.  There will even be a sweepstakes for a free, autographed copy of the book.  Click here and take a look.

In the meantime, my addiction to the movie "Ra One" continues.  This is a situation that I will need to post about when I get a free moment (which has been in short supply the past few weeks), but suffice to say that I've been waiting for Shahrukh Khan to make a superhero movie for a long time and he has not disappointed me.  It's got everything I look for in a superhero movie AND fantastic dance numbers.  How can you go wrong?

This is a video found on YouTube that puts together trailers and scenes backed by the song "Raftaarein" which is heard over the train chase scene in the film and fits perfectly with that action sequence.

And it only makes me want to see the movie again!

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