Friday, November 11, 2011

Corinthians and Vampires

Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest comics around.  Someone likened his style to jazz and watching his riffs, one can see why.  He's completely comfortable with the concepts he proposes and it comes across on stage.  One of his funniest bits is his take on St. Paul's Letters to the Corinthians.  Check it out:

Now, I was raised Catholic (I renounced it when I was 14) and went to a Catholic school for eight years.  I remember hearing about these mysterious letters St. Paul sent to what I assumed at the time was the whole city of Corinth and Izzard's take on it is pretty much in keeping with what  I imagined it to be.  Mainly because my teachers never told us who the Corinthians were and why St. Paul was writing to them.  I doubt it would have been enough to keep me believing the mythology, but St. Paul's zeal does make for an interesting chracter study.  But I think I prefer Izzard's take on it.

Another fantasitc bit is his take on B movies and vampires.  Even more fun is that some creative person has set many of Izzard's bits to Lego animation.  

Izzard and Lego, a fabulous combinaton!

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