Monday, September 5, 2011

I was a guest of Nick Digilio on WGN radio Saturday (9/3/11) night.  It took some effort on the part of producer Craig Collins but he was able to finally track me down (thanks in large part to Lisa Poirier and Diana Bucko, the latter of whom took the 40 minute drive to my house to tell me that they were trying to get a hold ofme) to discuss my book Vampires' Most Wanted.  Nick is a huge fan of the genre (it's second in his heart only to zombies) and was a gracious and engaging host.  A wonderful experience all around.  And we spoke briefly of how great "Fright Night" was and how pathetic it was that it seemed to be tanking at the box office.  I still think it has something to do with the limited release of the regular verison in exchange for the larger release of the 3D version.  I think the producers or the studio shot themselves in the foot on that one.  From what I've gathered, the 3D version is exceptional (in comparison to the 3D version of other movies) but I still think that if the regular verison had been given a wider release, you'd see a much better box office record.  My interview on WGN can be found at,0,4495654.mp3file

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