Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Lance Zone Interview

A few weeks ago I did a five question interview with a site called Free Lance Zone.  On writing, of all things.  Imagine that!  It was published on Sept. 5 and always Johnny on the Spot, I'm linking it here on Sept. 7.  When my late brother Dennis was in his early twenties, he told me and my younger brother that he wanted to start a business called Turtle Electric.  The motto being, "We're slow, but efficient."  Perhaps I'm living the motto.  He did start the business.  Side jobs, mostly.  But forever became known to family and friends as The Turtle.

So in honor of The Turtle, I'm posting the interview here a few days late.  Slow.  Perhaps not terribly efficient.  But earnest.  That's the best I can offer right now.  :)

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